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Samuel Jurcic Takes  Pictures of His Dog Wearing Hilarious Costumes Made from Everyday Objects

model: Lal

There’s a new star on Instagram, and his name is Lal, a German shorthaired pointer owned by Stuttgart-based photographer Samuel Jurcic. Jurcic dresses up his dog in a variety of costumes made from items generally found around the house and takes clever portraits of Lal wearing the outfits. Lal seems to have no problem wearing the costumes while posing for the photos and his expressive eyes and quiet demeanor make for some lovely photogenic shots.

Track: Dead Man's Tetris (feat. Captain Murphy & Snoop Dogg)
Artist: Flying Lotus
Album: You're Dead!


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Nicolai HowaltFrom the series 3x1, 1999


Nicolai Howalt
From the series 3x1, 1999

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